Moore & Associates
8935 Ridgemont Drive
Atlanta, GA 30350
Phone: (770) 518-1890

Moore & Associates Project Track Record


Moore & Associates has serviced over 350 clients (as of mid-2015).  Our company maintains strict confidentiality regarding client identification.   Moore & Associates clients include the following categories:

  • Pulp and paper producers
  • Recycling processors
  • Solid waste management companies
  • Equipment, service, financial and system suppliers
  • Recovered paper marketers
  • Trade associations and state and local governments
  • Law firms

Our geographic coverage includes North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific Rim. For a representative list of Moore & Associates’ projects, please click here.

Project Performance

Moore & Associates has performed over 550 projects (as of mid-2015).

Our company is well known for our excellent, on-time performance.  99.8% of our projects have been delivered within the promised time frame.  Seventy-four percent of the projects have actually been delivered ahead of schedule.


Over 95% of Moore & Associates‘ projects are performed on a fixed price basis.  We find that this approach, coupled with a detailed scope of services and deliverables, gives the best results and value to our clients.